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MOMpreneur Success

Oct 25, 2021

“The mission and the purpose of this podcast is to be a place and a space where moms entrepreneurs who are struggling with the overwhelm and frustration of starting their business will find moments of inspiration, encouragement, education, and motivation.” - Denise Fernander

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode let me introduce you to the mission of this podcast, what to expect from this podcast, the reason behind creating this podcast, and lastly, my top three success tips you may employ as a mom entrepreneur. Let’s get into it!


[00:01 - 04:06] Presenting MOMpreneur Success Podcast

  • #1: What is the mission?
    • This is every mom entrepreneur’s place for inspiration and motivation.
  • #2: What to expect?
    • Fresh episodes every Monday!
      • Insights in navigating through success and profit in business
  • #3: Who is Denise Fernander?
    • I am a mom, entrepreneur, a business coach, and strategist and motivational speaker.
    • Witnessing the hurdles of entrepreneurship as a mom, I want to promote a safe space to help moms realize that these are normal.

[04:07 - 13:24] The Journey to Entrepreneurship

  • Denise shares her fight against autoimmune disorders
    • That is not the end. I have a life and a spirit.
  • Changing life through entrepreneurship
    • Find strategies that do not only work, but are right for you.
      • Guidance in achieving these
  • Denise shares her top three success tips for mom entrepreneurs
    • The value of tips is recognized when you need it.
      • Overthinking as a hindrance
      • Moving on through the path
      • Saving yourself from the hassle

[13:25 - 15:32] Closing words

  • Get time freedom and build a legacy
  • Check us out on our website, YouTube, and Instagram! (links below)


Key Quotes

“And that [having autoimmune disorders] was just the end of it all. I might as well just go sit down and chill, and wait for it to happen. Well, fortunately, I'm not that person. I had a son, and I had a life and I have a spirit.” - Denise Fernander

“The lesson will come to you when you need it just right at the right moment.” - Denise Fernander


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