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MOMpreneur Success

Dec 28, 2021

“Don't spend so much time in your business doing the work versus working on your business.” - Denise Fernander

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode, let me welcome our guest, Bree Nachelle, a digital strategist, writer, and speaker, to share her three amazing business success tips that emphasize the need to establish clarity. By doing so, we can properly work on our purpose and allow ourselves to work on our business towards success. Let’s get into it!

Brée Nachelle  is a mother, creative communicator, writer, speaker, and professional best friend. After almost 2 decades as a c-suite executive assistant, Brée pivoted her career to use her love of digital storytelling to craft authentic messaging for creative entrepreneurs. Find her dishing on life, business, and self-care tips on the Fabulous F**kery Podcast. In her native habitat, Brée enjoys sipping wine, reading, or taking a refreshing nap. 


[00:01 - 06:26] How Clarity Get You On Track with Your Purpose and Execution

  • Who is Bree Nachelle?
    • Coming out successful despite the stressful adulthood journey
  • Bree shares her three success tips
    • #1: Get clear on who you want to help
      • Find your ideal client
    • #2: Realize that your purpose may be bigger than what you think it is.
      • Develop gifts inside of you
    • #3: Ask for help.
      • Delegate your tasks

[06:27 - 12:09] We Do Not Have to Suffer in Silence

  • The key in successful marketing
    • Define your audience to attract the right people.
  • Getting clear with your purpose
    • Your purpose may have never changed so choose how to execute.
  • Why asking for help matters
    • Trying to do it all has repercussions. Do not be afraid to delegate.
    • Work on the business, not in the business.
  • Releasing the generational attachment
    • We do not have to suffer in silence.

[12:10 - 15:03] Closing words

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Key Quotes

“Get clear on who you want to help. I don't like saying the word serve, because I feel like as a mom, they treat us like we [are] supposed to serve everybody. And a lot of people have created businesses that are extensions of their mama service. And they're not passionate about it.” - Bree Nachelle

“So please just really ask the universe, God, whoever you believe in, to see what's inside of you, and figure out how to develop those gifts that are inside of you.” - Bree Nachelle


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