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MOMpreneur Success

Jul 11, 2022

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode, let’s welcome our guest, Mrs. Stacey Simms.

Stacey is the host of the award-winning podcast Diabetes Connections and the author of “The

World's Worst Diabetes Mom: Real Life Stories of Parenting a Child With Type 1 Diabetes," winner of Best New Non-Fiction by American BookFest Stacey's son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2006, one month before he turned two, and Stacey started blogging about her family's experience with T1D a few weeks later. She started her podcast in July of 2015 to educate and inspire people with diabetes and crossed over one million downloads in 2020.


[00:00 - 08:08] Opening Segment

  • Who is Stacey Simms
  • Stacey Sims started a podcast after her son was diagnosed with Type one Diabetes and shared her tips for being a successful mom and entrepreneur.


[08:08 - 14:17] How to Reach Your Audience Effectively

  • The key points are diabetes is a growing problem, there is a lack of information and research available for people with diabetes, and that podcasting can be a way to address this.
  • She shares that her target audience is people who need information about diabetes.
  • She adds that It's important to know your audience and who you're appealing to, as this will help you determine which ideas to pursue and which to abandon.



[14:53 - 22:18] Advices in 


  • Reaching out to different people and getting their feedback is essential for developing a successful business.
  • Pick 4 people you trust in your industry to act as your board of directors in order to give you guidance and advice.
  • Stacey shares how she is having a problem with Facebook frequently changing its algorithms affecting her audience reach.
  • Because of that, they created, a website that will help you get informed by entering your email address and getting notified about their upcoming events.


[11:54 - 15:32] Closing words.

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Key Quotes


“Knowing who your message goes to is really important. it's really important to know that kind of information because you don't necessarily want to do it to the exclusion of everybody else, but you need to really serve that person and really know who you're trying to reach and again, that can change over time. You can refine it over time.” - Stacey Simms



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