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MOMpreneur Success

Nov 15, 2021

“One of the top things for me is just knowing the importance of planning, but remaining flexible. Because so often things happen beyond our control...but do not be defeated by those things. You have to be resilient, and just be flexible and adaptable.” - Patrice Jones

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode, let me welcome our guest, Patrice Jones, who is an entrepreneur raising ‘kid’-preneurs herself. She shares her three business success tips that remind us of the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and resiliency to finish strong in this journey of entrepreneurship. Let’s get into it!

Patrice Jone is a mom, a wife, a best selling author, an educator and a John Maxwell certified speaker and coach.


[00:01 - 18:12] No One is an Island - Allow Support and Seek Mentorship

  • Know about Patrice Jones
    • Being an entrepreneur and raising ‘kid’-preneurs
      • Little People, Big Faith
    • Creating leadership cohorts for kids
  • Patrice’s three business success tips
    • You may plan and consider every single aspect but there are simply things we cannot control.
    • Imprint the principle of “your attitude determines your altitude” to your kids.
    • You don't have to know everything. There are people who can help you.

[18:13 - 13:39] Breaking Down Barriers to Success

  • Becoming a finisher
    • No matter the struggle, understanding that entrepreneurship is your passion will be the driving force to the promised land.
  • The idea of investing in oneself
    • This may be new, but embrace the concept. 
    • Do not be afraid to ask for help. We don’t get the ropes all the time.
      • Get the book and join the group!

[13:40 - 15:39] Closing words

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Key Quotes

“Be open to getting support, you do not have to know everything. You don't have to have all the answers.” - Patrice Jones

“The difference between, again, the person who's excelling is the person who walked away and said, ''This is too much.” and the person says “No, I want it, I need it. This is what I've been called to do, is what I'm passionate about... I'm going to keep going until I get to the promised land.” - Patrice Jones


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