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MOMpreneur Success

Oct 25, 2021

“You have to have that same level of hype and confidence about yourself in your business, even on a bad day, especially on a bad day.” - Crystal Garcia

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode, let me welcome our guest, Crystal Garcia from Propelcon, who will be discussing practical tips on saving ourselves from overwhelm, crafting an SOP, finding the right coach, and establishing a strong belief system for success. Let’s get into it!

Crystal Garcia helps high performing women who are called to a purpose beyond the boardroom, birth that business through consulting, connection and conferences. 


[00:01 - 17:32] Strategize to Save Yourself from the Overwhelm

  • Who is Crystal Garcia?
    • Break out of boardrooms and build their own table
  • Crystal shares her three success tips
    • Spend as much time serving as being in the zone of genius.
    • Get yourself out of overwhelm.
      • SOP’s do not have to be complex
    • There are coaches for every step of your business.

[17:33 - 24:42] Establishing a Strong Belief System

  • Defining your belief mindset
    • Recognize the different beliefs and doubts.
    • Display confidence in yourself and your business even on a bad day.
      • Show readiness
  • Struggles of finding clients
    • Realize how customers can change their minds.
  • Getting help in implementing strategies
    • Address the gap between your vision and reality.

[24:43 - 26:18] Closing words

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Key Quotes

“The difference between, I would say, growing faster and going further, even if you've achieved a certain level of success, is going to be with a coach. You're going to need a coach at every level of success.” - Crystal Garcia

“During that [bad] season, you can't shut down. You have to continue to sell. Because if you don't, you cannot grow. So you just have to be ready for that.” - Crystal Garcia


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