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MOMpreneur Success

Sep 5, 2022

Welcome back to MOMpreneur Success Podcast Today Emma Ferrick joins us


Emma is an Operations and Systems Strategist. she works with visionary CEOs who

are serious about scaling their business in efficient and sustainable ways through my SIMPLE Ops Framework to ensure they have the time and financial freedom they wanted when starting their businesses. 


Before helping clients find freedom and flexibility in their business, Emma graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Operations Management with a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma which led her to work full time as a Project Scheduler. She started her business to build a better life for herself and her daughter shortly after becoming a single mother from domestic abuse. Because of her background and limited time to work on her business she built her business with automation and efficiency from day one to help me live my life to the fullest. 


Now Emma helps women find freedom and flexibility by creating systems and processes that support the life they want to live without burnout or overwhelm.

[00:00 - 06:39] 3 Success Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

  • Emma recommends putting systems in place from the get-go, including sales, marketing, and client/product deliverability
  • Emma adds that paying yourself first and reading Profit First by Mike Alz to help shift your mindset about finances
  • trusting your gut and not letting other people's actions dictate your business.


[06:39 - 13:26] How to create an effective system for your business

  • SOPs are essential for keeping business operations consistent and avoiding repeating tasks
  • Having written instructions and video recordings of procedures also helps new employees learn quickly
  • Scribe is a helpful tool for recording and transcribing videos, which can be automatically saved as an SOP


[13:26 - 20:21] Tips and Tools for event planning 

  • Dip Sodo is great for event planners, but it depends on the business owner and their business.
  • For some people, it takes time to trust their gut after a traumatic experience.
  • Entrepreneurship is about creating something that helps you right now and also helping others.
  • Operation improvement sessions help businesses get eyes on their business without committing to monthly sessions.


[12:44 - 13:12] Closing words.

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  • Final words

Key Quotes

“If you are someone who's gone through a heavy trauma, it is hard to sometimes trust yourself and trust your gut after something like that has happened. So, you got to heal yourself subconsciously and consciously to even regain that trust within you.” - Emma Ferrick 

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