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MOMpreneur Success

Nov 22, 2021

“If you look good, you feel good. And the biggest, most impactful thing in your business is you.” - Chryssy Robinson

Welcome to the MOMpreneur Success Podcast with Denise Fernander. In this episode, let me welcome our guest, Chryssy Robinson. She discusses the winning habits to cultivate and how we can shift to a realistic mindset to grow our business. Let’s get into it!

Chryssy is a Brand Strategist who partners with entrepreneurs to develop a strategy to reach their ideal target market and grow their online presence. She is knowledgeable in brand strategy, web design, and marketing.  

She specializes in working with minority-owned businesses that lack access to resources and knowledge. By empowering clients through training so that they are able to make informed decisions on their own.


[00:01 - 05:10] Realizing the True Need: Focus on the Customer

  • Who is Chryssy Robinson?
    • Developing strategies to reach ideal target market and grow online presence
    • Having a passion for business at a young age
      • What businesses are truly looking for
  • Targeting the education gap
    • The initial need in mind may not exactly be a solution.
      • Attracting people with digital assets
    • In the end, it is all about the customers, not the businessowners.

[05:11 - 14:34] Cultivating the Winning Habits for the Right Mindset

  • Chryssy shares her three success strategies
    • The main priority is on sales. However, be realistic and have smart goals.
    • Grace and patience get you far to keep in mind especially on the verge of quitting.
      • Keeping your psyche on check
    • Get up and get dressed because the biggest influence in the business is you.
  • Getting into the right headspace
    • Cultivate the habit of checking your calendar. Get to know how exactly you are spending your time.
      • Becoming comfortable in the shift

[14:35 - 16:21] Closing words

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Key Quotes

“People were actually not looking for websites, they were actually not looking for a logo, they were looking to make money, they were looking to increase their reach, build more exposure, grow their online presence, grow their team, get new locations. It's all growth and expansion.” - Chryssy Robinson

“Practice grace and patience with yourself and with your clients. People are not ignoring you, they are busy.” - Chryssy Robinson


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