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MOMpreneur Success

Aug 29, 2022

Welcome back to MOMpreneur Success Podcast Today we are joined by Tiah Lewis

Tiah Lewis is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. She is passionate about helping mothers all over the world to learn how to balance their careers and home so that they can build the life they want for themselves and their families. She does this by coaching mothers thru her coaching program as well as helping mothers establish new businesses.

She is raising four beautiful girls with hubs and has been an entrepreneur for the past six years. Tiah is currently a successful real estate in the California market as well as a Life and Transformational coach. She is passionate about helping moms worldwide and continues to inspire women through her stories and transformational coaching strategies help them walk into their life’s purpose.

[00:00 - 06:45] 3 Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs to Succeed

  • Tiah Lewis was in a similar position as many new moms, wanting to be an entrepreneur but feeling overwhelmed.
  • She found mindset and support systems to be key to her success and recommends that new moms stay focused and take things slow.
  • Systems can help entrepreneurs work on their business instead of in it, and consistency is key to sustaining success.

[06:45 - 12:43] Mom on Purpose Living: How to Balance Work and Family

  • Tiah Lewis is also a realtor and mom coach, she shares her story and advice on being an entrepreneur.
  • She says that one of the reasons why she has such a passion for entrepreneurship is because she understands what it's like to be a mom.
  • She encourages mothers to find a balance between their work and family life and to connect with her on social media for advice.

[12:44 - 13:12] Closing words.

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  • Final words


Key Quotes


“Stay focused on you and where you are and ensure that whatever you decide to do, whether it's the schedule you put together or how much time you commit that it gives you balance.

And it works for your family because what works for my family may not work for you and your family. So I always tell moms to look at it from just their household.” - Tiah Lewis 


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